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Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Avoid Spam In Blogging While Commenting?

It is evident on the Internet that most blogs allow readers to write comments on the posts. However, many bloggers use comments as a way to increase the number of links back to their site or blogs. They do this by attempting to boost their blogs traffic so that they can be ranked high on the search engines. As you know, leaving comments on a blog on a website with a link back to your website is not a taboo according to the unwritten rules of blogging. However, if commenting isn’t done in the correct way, they are considered as spam or spamming.

How to Avoid Spam In Blogging While Commenting?

What is blog comment spamming?

Spamming in a comment can occur when a person leaves a comment on a blog post with an aim of placing a link back to his website to boost search engines results. All in all, leaving a comment on a blog that has a link is an SEO technique that is used by many bloggers.
Well, now the question is how can you avoid spamming? Below is all the information you can use to avoid spamming.

How To Avoid Comment Spamming? - Blogging Tips

To avoid being a spammer, then you should be ready to follow the points below by avoiding some of them.

1. Include links within your comments

When you want to leave a link back to your site, first you have to read the blog that you are about to leave comment on. Then write your comment regarding the blog and then leave your link there. When you leave a link only, it will be considered as spamming and your link will not go live. Thereby you will be doing zero work.

2. Add value to the conversation in the comment

For your comment and link that you have provided to go live; the comment that you will provide should add value to the conversation in the comment. In other words, your comment should be informative to the readers of that blog post.

3.The comment should relate to the blog

This is a very important factor to consider. Yeah, do not just leave comments that are not related to the blog because it will be considered as spamming. Remember, as it is mentioned on the first point, read through the blog and later leave a comment that is related to the post.

4. The comment should be useful to any user

This is another important factor that you should know. If you leave comments that are not useful, they will be considered as spams. Therefore, to avoid all that, leave a comment that will be useful to any user who is going to read on that comment.

5. They should not be included in excess

This points means that you should not use your link in excess. Did you know that even links in a comment can be considered as blog comment spamming? To avoid this, look for blog posts that are related to your website’s information and comment on them only. Or instead of including links within your comment, you can include one of your blog’s URL in the space provided when you enter your comment.

I hope you like these tips so share your experience in the comments below. Stay tuned for more. Peace and blessings pals! Thanks.